Welcome to the Blue Collar Build Off’s official website. The competition started in 2017, and quickly became an icon in the custom motorcycle industry. This nationwide competition is held annually, and attracts build teams from all over the country.

Anybody can lay down a wad of cash to buy a bike, bolt on a bunch of catalog parts, then ride to your local bike night and park next to 4 more bikes just like it. If that’s your idea of a custom bike, the Blue Collar Build Off is NOT for you.

Build teams have just 30 days to take a crusty old donor bike (or pile of parts), and turn it into something bad ass, without spending more than $1,500 in cold hard cash (not counting the donor bike). This means having to cut, chop, create, build, repair and repurpose alot of stuff to make it work. Creativity is king in the BCBO. Upon completion of their build, they must bring it to the final judging and awards, held at the Saddle Sore Ranch in Golden Valley, Arizona during Route 66 Bike Week.

Each bike must be accompanied by a photo album showing the complete build process, a ledger itemizing ALL of the build expenses, and the bike must successfully complete the “builder’s ride” under it’s own power, or suffer a devastating points loss. The finals, at the ranch, is basically one huge party. Weekend camping, lots of great riding, live music, contests, campfire parties, biker games and more….

(current & former)