– All donor bikes must be approved prior to build. You must email pics showing the donor bike. Even if your donor bike was shown in the intro video, we still need these photos. The entire donor bike must be visible, not just part of the bike, covered with piles of junk. If you are starting off with less than an entire bike, send photos of what you are starting with. Frame, motor, etc. Send several pics, from multiple angles. Email to

– Any work that is not done by someone from your team, at no cost, MUST have a receipt, and will be deducted from your build budget. Your build budget is a maximum of $1,500… This means the most cold hard cash you can spend is $1,500, but if you can get it done for less, that’s fine.

– All teams must keep a ledger, and all receipts from any monies spent. This ledger must be present at the finals, and displayed for everyone to see.

– All teams must keep a photo journal of the build showing photos taken of the build throughout the entire build off. Start to finish. This photo journal must also be present at the finals, and displayed along with your bike.

– You are allowed to outsource some of the build and accept donations, within reason. For example, if you need something welded, and you don’t have a welder, you can take it to a friend and let him do it for free or a shop and have them do it. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT. Do not abuse this or you may be disqualified. For example, if you have a buddy that is a painter, and he “donates” a $5,000 paint job, that is not acceptable. Remember, this build off is about what an average builder can do with average tools and average resources.

– Any and all donations (parts, supplies, labor) must also be listed on your ledger, even if there was no cost involved. Everything on your build must be accounted for. Donations are limited to $250 in value. Whether that is in parts, labor or both. Anything above $250 will be deducted from your $1,500 build budget. So, if you get $800 worth of stuff donated, the extra $550 over our limit will be deducted from your $1,500 build budget, leaving you only $950 for your build. You should assign a value to your donated parts by listing what it would cost you to buy that part at a swap meet.

– Some teams are going to have more experience than others. Some will have more resources than others, and some may have more parts than others. This build off is not about what parts are on your bike, or how shiny they are. It is about your creativity and what you did to make your bike bad ass with whatever limitations you had. Your bike is not being judged against the other bikes, but rather your FINISHED bike is judged against what you STARTED with. That is how you win.

Use your common sense… If you think something you want to do may be constituted as cheating, it probably is. You will likely be disqualified.


Rules may be added, changed, and rewritten at our discretion at any time with or without notice.