We are now accepting entries for the upcoming “Blue Collar Build Off”. This low-budget bike building competition gets huge, national exposure each year, as do the builder’s that compete.

To sign up your team, follow the instructions below.

STEP 1: Fill out the form below, and submit it.

STEP 2: Snap a quick introduction video with your cell phone of you with the donor bike (if applicable), and tell us why we should pick you!!!

STEP 3: Post your video on our facebook page by clicking HERE

STEP 4: Wait to hear back from us!!!



By checking this box, we are aware that NO WORK, of ANY KIND can be done to ANY PART of our donor bike, or donor parts until the start of the approved build time as to be announced. Furthermore, we understand that spots are limited, and if we are selected, we agree to show up at the final event with our build off bike, complete or not. We agree that failure to show up at the finals would be unfair to other teams that could have been selected to compete in our place.

By checking this box, we agree to allow the team name and/or logo we submit, to be used in advertising for the event, promotional items, tshirts, digital artwork and any other uses deemed relevant to promoting our team and the Blue Collar Build Off. This includes, but is not limited to any trademarked names or logos, and we understand it is intended to help promote our team, as well as the Blue Collar Build Off. We also understand that if we are in disagreement with this clause, we can submit a different team name and/or logo.

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