BCBO 2020

Blue Collar Build Off 2020

While the rest of the world was dealing with the uncertainties of this “new world pandemic”, known as Covid-19, the teams competing in the 2020 BCBO were hard at work, trying to prove they were the “baddest builders you’ve never heard of”… Basically the entire country was shut down, state borders closed, and nobody really understood what the fuck was happening to our country. What the builders did know, is that they had just spent 30 days building their machines, and they didn’t want some “stay at home” order get in the way of them showing off their creations. Facing possible jail time for hosting a “gathering”, or at a minimum, incurring huge fines, I said “fuck it”, the show must go on. So we went ahead as planned with the finals. Teams loaded up their stuff from all over the country and headed towards the ranch. Not knowing if they would get stopped at a border, or some other check point along the way. Possibly even quarantined for 2 weeks in some place far away from home…. It truly was a clusterfuck. But they came, they made it, and they rocked that shit!!!! The teams that placed in BCBO 2020 were;

Blue Collar Build Off 2020 recived a four page spread in Cycle Source Magazine, and was also mentioned on the cover, alongside Sturgis 80th, and The One show.

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