BCBO 2019

Blue Collar Build Off 2019

After bringing some heavy hitters in 2018, the 2019 BCBO had some pretty big shoes to fill…. The builders didn’t disappoint. Most of the teams from 2018 returned, and some new teams were introduced. Some were virgins, some came with a vengeance, and some came to defend their titles…. By now, the Saddle Sore Ranch was obviously growing…. In size, amenities and notoriety. A couple of shipping containers had been added. One for storage, and one was made into a lounge/bar/general store thingy. It worked out. More land was purchased, the original land had been cleared of most all of the desert brush. Firepits, an outdoor shower and bbq grills were added, as well as a designated flat track. Also, a couple of “hippiefied” vw vans were placed at the entrance, and are offered to anyone who wants to camp inside them. They get lots of use. The teams that placed in the 2019 BCBO were;

UPDATE: Tony Conaway passed away in June, 2020. Click here to read his obituary. RIP Tony, we miss you.


BCBO 2019 was featured in Quick Throttle Magazine.

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