BCBO 2018

Blue Collar Build Off 2018

By 2018, word had gotten out about the BCBO, and we took it to the next level. We set out to film a documentary for broadcast on television. This presented alot of challenges, as teams from all over the country registered. Filming was done independently by each of the teams. All of the footage was then collected, edited and submitted. As of yet, it has not aired. Never-the-less, we had a hell of a competition, and a hell of a party. 2018 was the year that raised the bar to new heights… The BCBO would never be the same. The teams that placed for BCBO 2018 were;


Blue Collar Build Off 2018 received a 4 page spread in a special, collector’s issue of “The Horse – Backstreet Choppers” magazine. One of the most respected magazine’s in the industry.


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