BCBO 2017

Blue Collar Build Off 2017

2017 was the inaugural year for the BCBO. We had just purchased the land that we named the Saddle Sore Ranch, and there was literally NOTHING on the property, except for a shitty old travel trailer, a makeshift stage (that we ended up using for 3 years) and a couple stacks of pallets. Some of which were thrown together for a makeshift bar (that we ended up using for 3 years). Most of the land was still not cleared of the million year old desert brush. We put a call out, and we had a total of 11 teams register. Most all of them were from Las Vegas, and several teams were all female. Despite the baron host location, a fantastic time was had by all. One of the teams, team “Four Play” instigated some flat track racing around our main area, known as “Town Square”, and that was the birth of the flat track races at the Saddle Sore Ranch. The competing teams that placed in the 2017 BCBO were;

SISTERS ETERNAL (1st Place Harley) (above)- Tami MacIntosh, Beverly Willard, Cherri Young, Donna Kay Schippers

TEAM DK (1st Place Metric) (above)- aka “Dan’s Team”. Dan Kuthe, Robin Kuthe, Dan Kusko, Josey Martin

FOUR PLAY (2nd Place Metric) (above)- Tara Pierce, Steve McAnulty



BCBO 2017 was featured in Quick Throttle Magazine.


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