Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I trailer the bike? Yes… Your bike can be trailered to the Saddle Sore Ranch for the ride to the final judging. However, it MUST successfully complete the “Builder’s Ride” to qualify for the main judging.

Does it cost anything to register? No, registration is FREE. Just CLICK HERE to fill out the form.

When do I need the $1,500? That is your build budget max. That is YOUR money. We do not take a dime. You will spend your money as you build your bike. So you will only need it once the actual build starts. Your team can also accept cash donations to raise all or part of your build budget.

When is the event? This coming Spring… So register, and start gathering your parts NOW.

When should I register? Register as soon as possible. We may end up limiting the amount of entries, so get in early to secure your spot.

What do I have to do after I register? Start gathering parts, get donations, put together your team, layout a plan, and wait for more detailed instructions. Do NOT start building until we tell you to.

Can I get parts donated? Yes, up to $250 in value.

What if I already have a “donor” bike or drive train? If you already have a donor bike, or get given one, you are one step ahead of the game. Donor bikes must be “approved” prior to building.

What if I cheat? Then you are still a LOSER even if you win.

How do I get disqualified? Show up with a bike that obviously has more than $1,500 bucks in it, and/or has discrepancies with your donor bike or ledger entries.

Do I have to register the bike? Frankly, I don’t really care. However, you must ride the bike from Vegas to the SSR for the judging and ceremonies… If you wanna take a chance riding an unregistered bike, that is your responsibility. Ride at your own risk.

Is there a charge for spectators to attend the final judging and awards? Yes. There is a small admission charge to cover the cost of the awards, prizes, sufficient porta potties, etc. The single day pass is only $10.